Record holidays and illness & deliver payslips, P60 and total reward statements

The benefits U Absence application supports the recording of holiday, sickness, maternity, paternity and other absences following company rules and statutory regulations.

Employee self-service requests for absence are routed for approval, where necessary, to line managers while individual and team calendars provide a full picture of historical, current and planned absence.

Entitlement limits and management information requirements are configurable to meet your business demands.


The benefits U payroll application meets HMRC standards for the calculation of pay and deductions, including real-time information regulations and HMRC electronic communications.

Diarised pay events, pre-pay run calculations and pre-supplied weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly, monthly, annual, and irregular payrolls make configuration simple.  

All this means your payroll is always up-to-date.  There is no 'batch' processing. When it's time for this month's pay run, look at the pre-calculated figures and if there's no last minute change, click the finished tile and you're done.

For employees, the product's self-service features provide historical and current payslips, P60s and in combination with the benefit product - online total reward statements.